heart open, rip, break, reach, pull, ache, capture, shatter, touch
head shake your head, have your head spinning, scratch your head, blow off your head
eye cry, open, close, glued (to the page), tears in, in front of, roll
face smile on your face, hits in your face, make you fan your face, blush to your face
toe keeps you on your toes, dip your toe, get your toes wet, makes your toes curl
hand get your hands on, raise your hand in prayer, hands over your mouth
breath hold your breath, take your breath away, steal your breath away, catch your breath
mouth read with your mouth open, leave you with your mouth hanging open, shape of your mouth smiling
skin make skin crawl, get/creep under your skin, make skin itch
foot sweeps/knocks/blows you off your feet, keeps you on your feet, put your feet up