The Identity Issue

Introduction by Susan Brown and Laura Mandell, Special Issue by the NovelTM Research Group

The Transformation of Gender in English-Language Fiction

Ted Underwood, David Bamman, and Sabrina Lee

Linked Reading: Digital Historicism and Early Modern Discourses of Race around Shakespeare’s Othello

James Jaehoon Lee, Blaine Greteman, Jason Lee, and David Eichmann

Towards a Poetics of Strangeness: Experiments in Classifying Language of Technological Novelty

Michael Simeone, Advaith Gundavajhala Venkata Koundinya, Anandh Ravi Kumar and Ed Finn

The Migrant Letter Digitised: Visualising Metadata

Niall O’Leary, Emma Moreton

The Tell-Tale Hat: Surfacing the Uncertainty in Folklore Classification

Peter M. Broadwell, David Mimno and Timothy R. Tangherlini


Andrew Piper