About CA

Cultural Analytics is a new open-access journal dedicated to the computational study of culture. Its aim is to promote high quality scholarship that intervenes in contemporary debates about the study of culture using computational and quantitative methods. Read more about our open access and data policies.

CA Editorial Board
Andrew Piper, Editor, McGill University
Laura Mandell, Data Reviews Editor, Texas A&M
Lisa Teichmann, Editorial Assistant, McGill University
Editorial Board
Alan Liu, UCSB
Amy Hungerford, Yale University
Annie Swafford, SUNY-New Paltz
Ben Schmidt, Northeastern
Elizabeth Maddock Dillon, Northeastern
Hoyt Long, University of Chicago
Ian Milligan, University of Waterloo
James English, UPenn
Katherine Bode, Australian National University
Lev Manovich, CUNY
Mark Algee-Hewitt, Stanford University
Matt Erlin, Washington University
Matthew Wilkens, Notre Dame
Matthew Jockers, University of Nebraska
Meredith Martin, Princeton University
Natalie Houston, UMASS-Lowell
Rachel Buurma, Swarthmore
Richard Jean So, University of Chicago
Tanya Clement, University of Texas – Austin
Ted Underwood, University of Illinois
Timothy Tangherlini, UCLA
Tom McEnaney, Cornell University
Submission Guidelines
Submissions to CA should be directed to the Editor: Andrew Piper, andrew[dot]piper[at]mcgill[dot]ca. Submission guidelines are located here.